At Seth Energy and Mineral Ltd we are dedicated to doing business the right way. Our employees hold themselves, and each other, to the utmost standard of integrity. Our business ethics allow us to maintain our strong commitment to honesty, integrity and accountability.

We are dedicated to our employees, customers, communities, shareholders and suppliers. This has always been, and continues to be, the cornerstone of our business.

Our Code of Ethical Business Conduct is applicable to all employees and directors of Seth Energy. It ensures that all employees make ethical business decisions that maintain our core values. Illegal or unethical behavior is never acceptable at Seth Energy and Mineral Ltd.

We are an emerging mining giant which is concentrating of Africa mines. Whether it’s for Mining of base metals lead ore, zinc ore, tin ore ,copper ore iron ore and we have a coal site (power generation) and bitumen production (road materiel project) Seth Energy delivers calculable and customized mining solutions anywhere in the world to help our customers meet their industrial needs. Seth Energy has is into industrial minerals like feldspar Limestone dolomite Baryte and Bentonite for the oil drilling company.

As a leader in large mining venture we have partner wit caterpillar in using their equipment for our mining operations and

Seth Energy’s solutions serve both smelters in Europe and Asia applications, Flexible to meet our customers’ needs,We are very quick to respond to inquiry because every client is a potential customer and neeD to be taken carelessly.