Large excavator shovels with up to 30-cubic-yard-capacity and large front-end loaders will then load the ore into diesel-powered haul trucks, each having the capacity to carry 240 tons of material in a single load. The trucks will transport the ore out of the mine to a nearby facility for ware housing where it will be loaded onto 40-ton dump ot loaded into acontainer truck off to the port for export. We have mack truck in our fleet that enable us convey material easily from mine to storage. We have seires of articulated dump truck and mining truck from Caterpillar and we are planing to add more to us fleet. our main focus is crawler excavator with a load capacity of 25 ton which can work effectively in our mining site.

Seth Energy plans to mine approximately million tons of ore over a 20-year mine life from ur coal and base metal mining site.

We have 30 mack truck which we use to carry material to different location for end users.